War by Candlelight

Danielalarcon War Candlelight

War By Candlelight is Daniel Alarcon's latest novel. It is up as a finalist for the 2006 PEN Hemingway Award. PEN Hemingway exclaims that Daniel Alarcon vividly exploits the pain of poverty, exile, and the absence of hope. The novel displays a fierceness laced with care.

Daniel Alcorn explores third world countries and the lines that divide people from their nation. The story is centered around a terrorist who remembers too much, a immigrant who wants to leave his nation but would never be allowed to come back, and a reporter that turns in his work to become a street clown. When war was both at home and internationally, waging in jungles, in the streets, across the borders, and even within the home. He displays a perfect balance between the globalized world and not yet globalized world and how the people born in them may never feel quite at home. War By Candlelight paints the picture of a world in constant flux. Daniel Alarcon is the breakout voice for literary fiction and you will be remembering him for quite some time.

Washington Post Book World claims that Alarcon's stylish writing intricately builds the story. It starts with an innocent enough setting and before you know it you are enthralled in the drama of imagination. His characters will live with you long after you have finished the story. He is considered the next prodigious talent.

Edward P Jones exclaims that Daniel Alarcon stories are why we have storytellers. He shows us the world in a way that you can only imagine or have heard about in poems. Daniel reveals to us the secrets within our hearts. He owns the universe's good as well as he owns the bad. He meets us in our absence spaces.

Alberto Fuguet proclaims that it was only a matter of time before this latin writer broke out into America. Daniel's adrenaline filled stories have put him on the map. Alberto believes that Daniel will be a big influencer in the world of novelists.